Ludo Era

Game Theme: Classic Ludo, Ancient Ruins Ludo

Game Genre: Boardgames

Game Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer, Pass and Play

Adopted from the classic ludo game, comes in the new era of ludo with different themes in 3D for a more realistic experience. The game can be played in 3 different modes - Single Player, Multi-Player and, Pass & Play with friends. The objective is straightforward, each player.

gets a token and must make a full turn of the board to make it to the finish line. A classic Dice board game for 2 to 4 with a twist of strategy play. The game is popular throughout the ages. It is being widely played in India, Nepal, Pakistan and many Asian, Latin countries. It is also called as parches, Parchisi or Lido. In Ancient time this ludo game was played by kings and princes but now it is played in every household and has become a great entertainment and, a way to spend time with your friends & family.

ludo era


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Game Screens

LudoEra Screen
LudoEra Screen
LudoEra Screen
LudoEra Screen